Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lectures in an insect class on religion.

"Even if numbers always matched, in a perfect world, we wouldn't be doing this in the first place" -forensic science quote
I hope one day this blog will contain information about my Paraguay trip to all those (including my mom) who i could not remember exact details and instead gave brief descriptions of a trip that changed my life.
However today's topic has nothing to do with paraguay (sad I know)
As i was sitting in my 1:30 class, called entomology (which is the study of insects) I decided that i needed to post my first blog.
I have a complete passion.... a passionate desire, we shall say, to become a scientist. not the nerdy one who sits in a lab test and moves nitric acid from one container to another and like you see in some moves watch things flow over the test tubes and maybe create the cure to some soap opera addiction (love you mom :)) but the hands on science. I have decided that i in fact like science because unlike math it solves the why to every question i seem to have.
I've always believed that science is basis to everything. That some how everything can be explained through science. However, i do not have a belief in Evolution.
So in my quest to be a scientist at what point does evolution trump my love for science. at what point do I have to accept evolution, or do i have to realize that science will never coincide with my beliefs?